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Natalie Walker
Natalie Walker - Urban Angel альбом
  • Indie
  • Pop
  • chillout
  • easy listening
  • female vocalist
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Natalie Walker - Текст песни Urban Angel

Urban Angel

Snow falls on New York
And the lights all go out
All the music suddenly stops
Now there isn't a single sound
We are no longer rushing around
We stop to smell the air
Take a breath and close our eyes
For a moment if we dare

She pulls us in
And wraps us in her chill
She holds us close
And now we can be still Natalie Walker - Urban Angel -
We're okay here
We'll stay here
For a little longer

We embrace this common ground
All a little lost
Somehow it fits
She holds part of all of us
Forever and content

No matter how many times I leave
I always hear her voice calling me
I could be a million miles away
But its here, I'll always have a place

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