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Nana Mouskouri - Текст песни Deep And Silent Sea

Nana Mouskouri Deep and Silent sea Lyrics:
Deep and silent sea,
Close to you I feel protected.
You are so like me!--
In your face I am reflected.
Tell me what to do,
For you know so well
My soul is restless too.

Touching every shore,
You belong to no one ever.
Let the tempest roar!--
You remain and dwell forever.
Secret are your ways.

Do you wonder that Nana Mouskouri - Deep And Silent Sea -
I've loved you all my days?
You can be unkind
Where the children play
And you drown their castles in the tide.
They don't seem to mind,
For they run to you,
And their arms are open wide.

Teach me to be free,
To be sure and strong and sea-like.
Deep and shining sea,
You are what I long to be like.
Let the world go by!--
I will love you till
The silent sea runs dry.

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