My Bloody Valentine

Текст песни Blown a Wish

Blown a Wish видео клип

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless альбом
  • Kevin Shields
  • Bilinda Butcher
  • Indie
  • alternative
  • beautiful
  • dream pop
  • shoegaze
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My Bloody Valentine - Текст песни Blown a Wish

Midnight wish
Blow me a kiss
I'll blow one to you
Make like this
Try to pretend it's true

Show me all your favorite things
Show you all mine too
Make a wish
I'll give it all to youMy Bloody Valentine - Blown a Wish -

Welcome to your favorite s___ (promises)
Welcome to mine too
Caught like this
I'll turn it in with you

Fall apart my bleeding heart
Nothing left to do
Once in love
I'll be the death of you

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