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Mustafa Sandal
Mustafa Sandal - Seven альбом
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Mustafa Sandal - Текст песни She Is In Love

I know this girl has got me on her mind
And she likes it, can't deny it

She told me that she wants to take her time
She's stalling, but she's falling
I can tell when we touch
That she likes it so much

She didn't think we'd go this far
And I just wanna show
She can trust that I know
I will never let her go

She's in love
But she's never had a broken heart beforeMustafa Sandal - She Is In Love -
She's in love
I wanna be the man to give her more

My love for her will always be the same
I want her, like no other

I wouldn't want a thing to ever change
I'm devoted and I'll show it baby
Cuz I know what it means
When you open your heart

I recognized it from the start
And I know what to do
And I know what to say
I'm gonna keep you swept away

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