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Текст песни Variations On A Dead Swan

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Morten Abel - Текст песни Variations On A Dead Swan

These are sites that I haven't seen,
haven't been to,
makes me happy in the winter,
in the winter, frozen over

A year old swan is left behind, by the others, broken wing
She is wounded, gonna die
She know she's gonna die

The year old swan isn't scared of me,
I sit beside her, she's looking at me
Miss her mother, miss the others, rests her head in my lap,
Isn't God heard
Rests her head in my lap
And then the day awakes
Behind the mountain it breaks
Wake up everyone! Morten Abel - Variations On A Dead Swan -
Look what I found; a dead swan

God it's quiet here
Would like an aeroplane to fly by
Tempted to scream
Spirit lives in the great sky

Around Christmas time
One great swan is going down
On the frozen lake
God it's quiet, make a sound!

Then she closed her eyes
For the last time, goodbye
Lost you to it
Spirit rests in the great sky

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