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  • Fenceton
  • Don / Marcellino
  • Jerry / Larson
  • Mel / Cannon
  • Michael R.
  • 70s
  • Pop
  • 1973
  • king of pop
  • michael jackson
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Michael Jackson - Текст песни Music And Me

Written and Composed by _____________________.

We've been together for such a long time now music
Music and me
Don't care whether all our songs rhyme now music
Music and me

I know where ever I go
We're as close as two friends can be
There have been others
But never two lovers like musicMichael Jackson - Music And Me - http://ru.motolyrics.com/michael-jackson/music-and-me-lyrics.html
Music and me

Grab a song and come along
You can sing your melody
In your mind you will find
A world of sweet harmony

Birds of a feather
Will fly together
Now with music, music and me
Music and me

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