Текст песни Erania

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Metalium - State of Triumph альбом
  • Lange
  • Matthias/basse
  • Henning/ratz
  • Lars
  • power metal
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Metalium - Текст песни Erania

Land Spit By Rivers,

Storm Rises Fast

Rain Whipped By Winds

Thunder It Blasts

Rocks, Like Giants Of Doom

Dangerous Figures

Blazed By The Moon

Apocalyptic Scenery Forms

To Weaken My Courage

And Scare Me By Dawn

See My Objective Ahead

There Lies The Cavern

Sent Here

By The Gods In My Visions

(Goddess Of The Fire)

You Shall Be The One.

You Will Carry On

Soon I'll reach For Erania

Endows Me With Sight

For A Triumphant Fight

Crawling Through Darkness

Finger For Light

Inhaling The Fragrance,

Blackest Of Night

It Calls Now The GroundMetalium - Erania -

Starts To Shake

A Rift Opens Up, I Take


Crystal Of Animus

(Goddedd Of The Fire)

You Shall Be The One

You Will Carry On


Will Protect And Guide Me

Endows Me With Sight

For A Triumphant Fight


(Goddess Of The Fire)

For Centuries

Our Kind's Been Waiting

For This Force To Come

The First Of Four Tasks

Is Completed

By The Godly Son

He Will Lead All Metalians

Through The Circle Of Fate

To Be The Emperor

Of This Kingdom

Our Triumphant State

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