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Текст песни Where The Sunbeams Play

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  • meav ni mhaolchatha
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Meav Ni Mhaolchatha - Текст песни Where The Sunbeams Play

When the sunbeams play in the high and glade

When the leaves are gently falling

Where we used to dance, in the autumn shade

My foolish pride drove you away

When the storm clouds roam, and the cold winds blew

Where I could not hear you calling

Till you took my hand and you pulled me through

To where the sunbeams play

To high within upon the windMeav Ni Mhaolchatha - Where The Sunbeams Play -

To fly above the sea

To be soaring wide and never land

I would dare to come if you would go with me

Now the wind blows on, now the wind at gaze of the day

And the dark of might is falling

But if you're with me, we will find a way

To where the sunbeams, to where the sunbeams

To where the sunbeams dances a play

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