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Текст песни I've Been Let Down

I've Been Let Down видео клип

Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star - Among My Swan альбом
  • Acoustic
  • Indie
  • dream pop
  • female vocalist
  • mellow
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Mazzy Star - Текст песни I've Been Let Down

(fields of light/of life?)
they hold me inside
count, my stars, they are lucky, in the sky
there's a time
when you go off the line
and all my things, look like someone else's memories

cold outside, burns a great big hole in my heart
I'll just wait, til you're happy, and your smile makes it right
it makes it right
Mazzy Star - I've Been Let Down -
sleep inside, the ocean has (smiles?)
it shimmers and, and it (flows/glows), for some people
I know it shines
I know it shines

stay inside
don't the colors make you blind
they hold me inside
count my stars
let them shine
I know they shine

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