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Lunaris - The Infinite альбом
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Lunaris - Текст песни ...Of The One

Raging silence, apocalyptic bliss
A stoic display, disharmonic rapture of spirits
On the sidelines of the dysfunctional reality - The One

A carnivorous entity, stalking from the boundaries
An unsurpassed killer, hunting frailty, hunting the weak
A colossal monolith - in reality, invisible to it's pray

Answering to all names of destruction, only the few know the One
Indifferent to prayer and worship, it walks aloneLunaris - ...Of The One -

Thundering from within, without evolution

The essence of chaos, the fountain of life
Beset in morbid irony, our life-force contained within
Your fate sealed in the endless possibility of infinite time

Step from the abyss to see the blinding simplicity
A virtuous insanity, a destruction of hypocrisy
A black light from the blackest source

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