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Local Natives
Local Natives - Gorilla Manor альбом
  • Ayer
  • Kelcey Paul / Frazier
  • Matthew James / Hahn
  • Ryan Clinton / Hamm
  • Andrew Jeffrey / Rice
  • Taylor David
  • Indie
  • alternative folk
  • american
  • hand claps
  • indie rock
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Local Natives - Текст песни Stranger Things

Cold toes, new sheets
Welcomed all the same
We know if we go
It's only temporary

Went away, holiday
Wish they'd linger on
They'll think what they will
We'll stay where we have gone

The glaring lamp's on
Her job is well done
Half asleep
I'm only half won

Old sheets, warm toes
Look away as I leave
New light lays bare
Holds my guilt up to me

I'll toast three cheers
And for work we'll sing
Back to what we do
I've heard stranger things
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So turn the lamp off
My wandering eyes stop
Endure the thoughts of
And start where you love

We'll start from where
We last left off
The lines that we'll draw
Begin and don't stop

The corners approach
We'll take the best turns
The bends have brought talk
Of what we have learned

Enjoy the chance of
Frozen new grounds
Everything's odd
With beautiful sounds

I've learned to smile
Without a bearing
At least I know I've
Heard stranger things

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