Little Joy

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Little Joy
Little Joy - Little Joy альбом
  • De Castro Neves
  • Rodrigo Amarante / Moretti
  • Fabrizio / Shapiro
  • Binki
  • Indie
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • instant happiness
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Little Joy - Текст песни How To Hang A Warhol

Mama someday you'll be so proud of me

You'll see me hanging in a New York gallery

Someday I'm gonna draw from the left side of my brain

People are gonna ask, "is it brilliant or plain?"

But as long as I don't know

How to hang a Warhol

I'll keep sketching birds

That are all like her

Very simple and true

Like you've known me to do

And if you like 'em

Yeah but if you don't it's not bad

Cause I really don't care

Said papa someday I'm gonna write a symphony

48-piece band all dressed up like me
Little Joy - How To Hang A Warhol -
I said, I'll write someday the saddest of all songs

I'm gonna chill the marrow in their bones

But as long as I can't get into Carnegie Hall

I'll keep writing songs that are all my own

Very simple and dumb

Like I always have done

And if you like 'em, yeah

But if you don't too bad

Cause it's all I have

Ever since I met her I keep thinking,

God, how great it is to play a guitar

This way I feel that she's always with me

Cause every other song

Underneath it's tongue

Is about our love

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