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Legend - The Pale Horse альбом
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Legend - Текст песни Shadow Stalker

I am the dreamer and I will make my own path
I found a way to prove to you that I'm more than you think. You will
Never break me
You're dead weight. You're broke inside. You will never break me. What
Point can you make?
We are the silent ones
I wait around for the world to change me, if and when the time isLegend - Shadow Stalker - http://ru.motolyrics.com/legend/shadow-stalker-lyrics.html
Right, we are the silent ones.

What will it take to make you see? I will never lose sight of my dreams
This is my life, I'm not going to change, because you think you know
What's best for me. I will never give up.
Watch me prove to you I can't be beat.
We are the silent ones.

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