Leaves' Eyes

Текст песни Lovelorn

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Leaves' Eyes
Leaves' Eyes - Lovelorn альбом
  • female fronted metal
  • female vocalist
  • gothic
  • gothic metal
  • symphonic metal
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Leaves' Eyes - Текст песни Lovelorn


You are a wandering shining star
You light up the sky, you take me so far (take me far)
One crystal inside my lonely heart
You light up my life, I embrace your light (you're my light)

You're my healer
I am lovelorn
In the cool breeze I hear your sweet voice
I'm your treasure
I am forlornLeaves' Eyes - Lovelorn - http://ru.motolyrics.com/leaves-eyes/lovelorn-lyrics.html
In the rain I feel your warm tears

I can't forgive God and myself
I should have been there to give you strength (be your strength)
One kingdom below the dark blue sea
Hides my lovely Amelie (I love you Amelie)


Lovelorn you are gone, lovelorn
Where is your home now
Now you are gone, lovelorn

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