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  • 80s
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • 80's
  • alternative
  • swedish
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Laakso - Текст песни Norrköping

Three and a half when we met for the first time
A thing I can't remember but I know it anyhow
Neighbours brothers, brothers for life
Fell in love with the same girls in our hometown
Nothing could part us, not one thing
When we walked the streets of Norrköping

You were the first of us to make love 13'th of December '94
Santa Lucia what was it like
To have a girl in your boy room the whole night
I hated you and your first girlfriend
Thought I was alone in the world being a virgin
A hard competition in all we did
A complete war on the football field

You said that bananas could make us high
Saved them in your locker till they got dry
Remember how cool we feltLaakso - Norrköping -
Behind the corner smoking cigarettes
Tanja killed herself, Benny had an overdose
Niklas Karlsson got a new nose
I hope you're all free wherever you might be
We're all part of the history of Norrköping

I think we were about 17 when you said "money is gonna make me free"
You pulled your pants up, no more baggy jeans
No more football I'll go for the studies
I met you again a few weeks ago
You had a proper job and a place to call home
You had earned your first grand
And you looked like a real businessman
You said "Yes things are different yes things have changed
But I'll always love you it will always be the same
And I know that there will be a time when we will be
Back together in our hometown Norrköping"

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