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Keith Marshall
Keith Marshall - Hits Of The 80's альбом
  • 80s
  • Pop
  • disco
  • switzerland
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Keith Marshall - Текст песни Only Crying

Ain't no big sensation
Committed no crime
Only recollections of forgotten old affections lost in time
Only crying
Sometimes I wish on a night like this
Only crying
Well, the moonlight kind of threw me
Only crying
And the red wine's getting to me
Only crying
It's my broke heart that is healing
Can't a man show his feelings?
Am I meant to be a clown in pantomime?
Just a raindrop in the ocean
Just a simple sad emotionKeith Marshall - Only Crying -
Only crying
I don't understand it
What's all the fuss?
No, I never planned it
Should we leave now empty handed?
Guess we must
Dust to dust
It's a crying shame
I'll never be the same
Only crying
Only crying
Only crying
Only crying
Only crying

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