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Katzenjammer - Текст песни Le Pop

Feelin' like a lollipop forgot in Pyongyang

Dancin' to the voodoo beat boom bam bam

Baby doll, remote control

Caravan love is all you know

Kickin' at the motherfuckers one by oneYou sell tickets to a funeral

'Cause you need tickets to The Cramps

A rock'n'roll band, a little whiskey,

A candy apple

All you know you're dancing

Till you dropKatzenjammer - Le Pop - http://ru.motolyrics.com/katzenjammer/le-pop-lyrics.html

When you're listening to Le Pop

Pick me up and drive me home

Crank crank crank crank

Crank up the volume

Pull up the tights

To your wuthering heights

No means no, no means no

You sell tickets to a funeral

'Cause you need tickets to Katzenjammer

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