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Текст песни Paris Is A Lonely Town

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  • Arlen
  • Harold / Harburg
  • E. Y.
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Judy Garland - Текст песни Paris Is A Lonely Town

The glamour's gone,
The shades are down
And Paris is only a lonely town

When love's a laugh
And you're the clown
Then Paris is only another town

For the loveless clown
This town's a weary merry-go-round
And round
And round

The chestnut
The willow
The colors of Utrillo
Turn to gray, gray hues

The band playing Bizet
Along the Champs-Élysées Judy Garland - Paris Is A Lonely Town - http://ru.motolyrics.com/judy-garland/paris-is-a-lonely-town-lyrics.html
Sounds like way-down blues

Paris is a lonely
Oh, so lonely town

Where's that shining flower 'neath the Eiffel Tower?
Where's that fairyland of gold?
Isn't it a pity that this magic city turned suddenly

The chimneys moan
The river cries
Each glamorous bridge is a bridge of sighs

River, river
Won't you be my lover?
Don't turn me down

For Paris
Is such a lonely
Lonely... town

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