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John Frusciante
John Frusciante - The Empyrean альбом
  • Rock
  • experimental
  • godly
  • psychedelic rock
  • red hot chili peppers
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John Frusciante - Текст песни God

So each day would be new I build you to sleep
That's the idea of dying but you'll just have to see
You can do what you want or so you think
But til you stop all your thoughts
You are ties to your surroundings

When the fog spreads out in the rainy season
It comes from my insides
When the thunderous lightning strikes down
You're seeing your real I

You blaspheme my name
But still I love you
Still I love you
I love you just the same

I hear all your prayers because I'm each one of you
Creations not something I did John Frusciante - God -
It's something that I do
The reason for the bad is so there'd be such thing as good
Oh I'd do anything for you
You all know I would

Be for me
Be for me
Be for me
Before me
Before me
Before me

You know that I try to repair and repay
As life goes by a thousand times
It gets a little better

All is belief, All is belief,
All is belief, All is belief

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