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Текст песни He's A Liquid

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John Foxx
John Foxx - Metamatic альбом
  • Leigh
  • Dennis
  • 80s
  • Electronic
  • new wave
  • synth
  • synthpop
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John Foxx - Текст песни He's A Liquid

He's an angle
She's a tangent
There's some flowers on the bathroom floor
He's a click track
Now she makes a flashback
He's a liquid
He's a laugh
She's a graph
He wears a sticky white shirt and tie
In those viscose clothes
His watch hand glows
He's a liquid
She's elusiveJohn Foxx - He's A Liquid -
He's adhesive
He's a trickle down a falling wall
They get married too much
She's a soft touch
He's a liquid
He pulls
She pushed
They read the Bible about the flood
She draws the curtains
'Cause now she's certain
He's a liquid
John Foxx He's A Liquid

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