Hester Prynne

Текст песни Casketing

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Hester Prynne
  • brutal deathcore
  • death metal
  • deathcore
  • progressive deathcore
  • technical deathcore
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Hester Prynne - Текст песни Casketing

Those pretty eyes beg my forgiveness

You trick bitch, I'm better off with slit wrists

How many bastards did you convince that you were in love with them, while you were fucking all his friends?

You filthy piece of shit

I want you dead before my eyes

Her lips trip the guillotine, collecting heads as trophies

Taking names and digging graves

Beware the wraith with an angels eyesHester Prynne - Casketing - http://ru.motolyrics.com/hester-prynne/casketing-lyrics.html

A great deception, angels were meant for heaven

That doesn't mean I would like to be the one to show you how fucking empty you are

Let's see how much it means for you to have the last word

Will you struggle to speak even with your lips sewn?

I am the horror of your dreams

Horror. And you will never wake up

My embrace won't let you go, to the grave it follows

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