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Hem - "No Word From Tom" альбом
  • Messe
  • Daniel R.
  • Folk
  • alt country
  • americana
  • easy listening
  • indie folk
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Hem - Текст песни The Present

(Dan Messe)

When I saw him by the river
He just smiled and closed his eyes
He said you know that you're gonna give her
One more present - one more lie

I didn't see him for a while then
Though I heard his name around
So I walked down a hundred miles when
On that Iron Bridge it was him I found

I said you know that I have wandered
By the dust here on my feet
For every present that I have squandered
On every false heart that I meetHem - The Present - http://ru.motolyrics.com/hem/the-present-lyrics.html

But I can't take back what I gave them
No, I can't make right what I've made wrong

I can't pretend that I tried to save them
When they were drowning in my song

So I don't come here for a new scar
For to cover the things I've done
I just come here to see how you are
Maybe see how I've become

Well he lay there on that Iron Bridge
Where the Earth and the waters part
He said Hello there well ain't you gonna give

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