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Hardline - Текст песни Bittersweet

All the lights were turning on

And you were mine

And all the pain was gone

Remember the night

Far away so far away from home

Together there so many years ago

The last time that night

We made believe that nothing mattered

Closed our eyes

Walked to the cliff and took a dive

Like running from a murder

I remember the last time that we touched

Wishing there'd be another night so much
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Bittersweet feeling inside

My body knew the truth it didn't matter

I still was with you...

Falling fast so I kept the time behind my back

It cut through like a knife

We tried to survive

On the run from what we had to face

Now we're separated by a fall from grace

Love buried alive

We made believe that nothing mattered

Closed our eyes

A flash of bursting memory

A patient killer watching me

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