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Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge - Текст песни This Is Crisis

Smiles cover the surface,
As were forsaken on the inside.
We have been for sometime.

Conditions aren't shaping out as we hoped for,
I lay horizontal counting the affairs that we've done wrong.

"You kill the words, but you cant not kill our voice,
So we'll sing this till were dead.
Please inscribe, on our grave that
We did this our way."

I'll walk along this never ending road,
Searching for our lost souls.

Are we wasting away?
Never meant to reach summit yet we will convey. Ghosts On Pegasus Bridge - This Is Crisis -
We make our stand today.
You question the loyalties you were born to betray.

Running from the truth wont get you anywhere.
So light your fires, we will cleanse.

"Render yourself within the darkest sky,
So you can be the brightest light".

I walked along this never ending road,
With you as my compass, I'll find my way back home.

Open your mouth, but they'll never hear another word.
You'll start the fire, but your the only one who'll burn.
Never again, will see the light of day.
Coz were the ship, your the shore and we sailed away.

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