Текст песни Fighting Fit

Fighting Fit видео клип

  • Poulos
  • Matthew / Reed
  • Alexander / Lancaster
  • Jason Alan / Kopacz
  • Steven
  • 90s
  • Indie
  • Rock
  • 1996
  • britpop
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Gene - Текст песни Fighting Fit

i need you

i´m waiting and i´m alone

i wanted to be so bold

but good words are never easy

i am still young

my blood flowing like a flood

come and take every single bone

i will give as good as i get

i can´t take it

too much time´s been wasted

so come and get my plateful

i am fighting fit and able

i can´t take it Gene - Fighting Fit -

when you slide and twist it hurts me

so settle down and let me

i´ve tasted life and i´m ready

i need you

your shoulders act as my strength

you skin is my only friend

i seek cover in all you glories

i am tarnished

i know i have many flaws

but our love it will shatter all

take me on and we will conquer


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