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Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - Текст песни Reverend Posey

Good morning reverend posey
Gee you haven't changed a bit
Our town is oh so peaceful and complete
My self I just got fired and my wife expects our 5th in 1 more week
Good morning! good morning! good morning Reverand Posey
The world is looking rosey
With battle fields abroad and some at home
Our collection plates of silver or of chrome
Good morning reverend posey
gee u sure preached one today
you touched a point to me that's...
your voice comes out so pure Gary Puckett & The Union Gap - Reverend Posey -
But somehow I'm not so sure

That the world was much the same last year
Good morning good morning,
good morning rev posey
Well I really must get home
Its been a very pleasant afternoon
I always feel so good
Now I'll live like I should
But I don't know if I'll be back so soon

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