Freedom Call

Текст песни Warriors Of Light

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Freedom Call
Freedom Call - Taragon альбом
  • Zimmermann
  • Daniel / Bay
  • Chris
  • Metal
  • epic metal
  • melodic metal
  • melodic power metal
  • power metal
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Freedom Call - Текст песни Warriors Of Light

We're standing on the edge of time
We're riding to the stars
And we never will surrender
Lonely knights we are

And we are flying into the open sky
Gliding to the stars
We are standing strong together
But still they seem so far

And we're diving into eternity
Facing destiny
And we are flying away eternally
Forever riding free

Hands up high
Oh warriors of light
Freedom Call - Warriors Of Light -
And carry on a thousand times
You're forever lasting ride

Land of light
The glorious unite
Oasis for a thousand lifes
Forever we survive

We're flying to the promised land
To the gates of no return
We're heading for the future
And we'll fight until the end

[Bridge / Chorus]

Once upon a time
We reached the stars our hands have touched the sky

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