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Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra - A Man Alone альбом
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Frank Sinatra - Текст песни I've Been To Town

I've been to town, I've walked the highways and in the suburbs too.
I've done somethings I never thought I'd ever do.

Now as I stand here looking down at you, you ask me why it is I frown.
I guess it's 'cause I've been to town.

I've been to town beyond the boulevard and down the beach,
I've learned some things that only time can teach,
For instance, love is more than just a speech,

It's got to find a common ground,
I know 'cause I've been to town.Frank Sinatra - I've Been To Town -

Don't tell me any more lies, I can't waste any more years,
I've seen my image in your eyes,
Dissolve in disappointed tears.

I've been to town, you ask me do I know the Milky Way,
I do, and furthermore I'd like to say

It isn't milky white, it's dingy gray,
Especially when your world breaks down,
I know because I've been to town.

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