Fair Warning

Тексты песен альбома 4 (Four)

Песни альбома 4 (Four)

1Find My Way
2Heart On The Run
3Big William
6Break Free
7Eyes Of Love
9For The Young
10I Fight
11Night Falls
12Tell Me I'm Wrong
13Through The Fire
14Time Will Tell
15Wish Comes True
16Fairground Attraction
17Fear Is The Enemy Of Love
18Iron Lion
19Nottamun Town
20Part Ii
21Part V
22What Girls Love
23What Is True?
25Who Knows Where The Time Goes?
26Winter Rose
27Wizard Of The Worldly Game
28Ye Mariners All
29You Send Me
30Rolling Minstrels
31A Sailor's Life
32A Smile In A Whisper
33After Hallowe'en
35Angel Delight
36Bird On A Wire
37Both Sides Now
38Broken By A Breeze
40Close The Door Lightly When You Go
41Comedy Waltz
42Da Theme Tune To F.O.P
44Dark Eyed Molly
46Don't Be A Stranger
47Dream Song
48Falling Backwards
49Farewell Farewell
50Find My Love
51Find Your Voice
52Goodbye To Songtown
53Great To Be A Guy
54Hey Vicky
55Home To Heartache
56I Know Why The Willow Weeps
57I Still Miss Someone
58I Wish Everyday Could Be Christmas Ending Song
59I Wish Everyday Would Be Christmas
60I'm Already There
61Icky Vicky
62If Stomp
63It'll Take A Long Time
64Jack O'rion
65John Barleycorn
66Lady Of Pleasure
67Let It Go
68Lord Marlborough
69Matty Groves
70Moon On The Rain
71Mr Lacey
72My Shiny Teeth And Me
74Night-time Girl
75Odd Primates, Abra-Catashtophe
76Part I
77Part Iv
78Part Ix
79Part Vi
80Part Vii
81Part Viii
82Part X
83Part Xi
85Pixies Rap
86Pleasure And Pain
87Possibly Parsons Green
88Red And Gold
90Reynard The Fox
91Sickness And Diseases
92Sir William Gower
94Station Street
95Tale In Hard Time
96The Ballad Of Easy Rider
97The Banks Of Sweet Primroses
98The Bonny Bunch Of Roses
99The Deserter
100The Flowers Of The Forest
101The Game Of Love
102The Hexhamshire Lass
103The Hiring Fair
104The Journeyman's Grace
105The Lobster
106The Moon Is Mine
107The Waltz Continues
108The Widow Of Westmorland's Daughter
109The Wind Knows My Name
111Three Drunken Maidens
112To Althea From Prison
113Trial Song
114Watching The Party

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