Текст песни Final Escape

Final Escape видео клип

Elsiane - Hybrid альбом
  • Electronic
  • chillout
  • downtempo
  • female vocalist
  • trip hop
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Elsiane - Текст песни Final Escape

You always want me to be a part of you
You always taught me to be alive with you
This is the time and the place and the moment
Feeling the way that I do
These are the signs and the traces of growing
By living the way that I do
I hope you understand and acknowledge
All that's passing throughElsiane - Final Escape - http://ru.motolyrics.com/elsiane/final-escape-lyrics.html
It's constantly been there and
throwing all that wasn't good
I hope we both find the place
Where maybe some day we will find our strength
And hopefully attain to finally escape
I'm always amazed how we're so self destructive
Does any body know why?
Find the light

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