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Dreamtale - Epsilon альбом
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Dreamtale - Текст песни Where Eternal Jesters Reign

Loathing your vacuous ways
The straight line of your brainwaves
No conscience, no interest, a mind made of mess
Passive reactions at best

Dead like a drone of the future unknown
A slave to ignoble domains
You want to know why I'm ignoring your lies?
The reason that I will not die?

I have more in my mind
Wake up and open your eyes
Take up your turn on the fringe of the world
Leave all the idols to burnDreamtale - Where Eternal Jesters Reign - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dreamtale/where-eternal-jesters-reign-lyrics.html
I have more in my own mind
I feel it extending through time
I'm taking my place where eternal jesters reign

Heavenly rays will light up my name
And no one shall stand in my way
Enter the core, I see so much more and I know who I am
Into the sun, the fusion is done
My soul integrated and whole
Just go astray, your blundering ways
I have no more to say...

More in my mind and my soul...
Pleas open your eyes and your heart...

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