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Текст песни Get Right With Me

Get Right With Me видео клип

  • Gore
  • Martin Lee
  • Electronic
  • depeche mode
  • new wave
  • synth pop
  • synthpop
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Depeche Mode - Текст песни Get Right With Me

I will have faith in man
That is hard to understand
Show some humility
You have the ability
Get right with me

Friends, if youve lost your way
You will find it again some day
Come down from you pedestals
And open your mouths thats all
Get Right with me

Life is such a short thing Depeche Mode - Get Right With Me -
Thats I cannot comprehend
But if this life were a
bought thing
There are ways I know
wed mend

People, take my advice
Already told you once, once
or twice
Donnt wast your energy
Making apologies
Get right with me

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