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Текст песни Hey! Little Girl

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Del Shannon
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Del Shannon - Текст песни Hey! Little Girl

Hey, Little Girl
Del Shannon

Last night I walked through the streets of my town.
I saw the shadow of a girl I had known.
And through the shadows I could see many tears,
And so I walked up and I said,

"Hey, little girl,
Let me fix your broken heart.
I'll replace each broken part that's gone.
Because I know I could try,
Hey, little girl, my heart's been broken too."

"Do you remember last September
When I met you at a dance?
You were with a guy named JoeDel Shannon - Hey! Little Girl -
And all at once he said you had to go.
I never even caught your name!"

"Hey, little girl,
I've been searching everywhere,
Here, there, everywhere for you
Because I have cried for you
Hey, little girl, I'm so in love with you!"

"Hey, little girl,
I can see that he was mean.
He shattered all the dreams you had.
So come with me and see
Hey, little girl, I'll make all your dreams come true!
Come, little girl, I'll make all your dreams come true!"

submitted by Dennis Bricault

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