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Текст песни Almost Grown

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David Bowie
David Bowie - At the Beeb альбом
  • 70s
  • Rock
  • classic rock
  • david bowie
  • rock n roll
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David Bowie - Текст песни Almost Grown

Yeah 'n' I'm doin' all right in school
They ain't said I broke no rule
I ain't never been in Dutch
I don't browse around too much

Don't bother me, leave me alone
Anyway I'm almost grown

I don't run around with no mob
Got myself a little job
I'm gonna buy me a little car
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Drive my girl in the park

Got my eye on a little girl
Ah, she's really out of this world
When I take her to the dance
She's got to talk about romance

You know I'm still livin' in town
But I done married and settled down
Now I really have a ball
So I don't browse around at all

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