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Текст песни Black and Blue Again

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Dave Gahan
Dave Gahan - Paper Monsters альбом
  • Knox Chandler
  • David Gahan
  • Electronic
  • Rock
  • alternative
  • alternative rock
  • depeche mode
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Dave Gahan - Текст песни Black and Blue Again

I'm back in the room with the two way door
I don't know where it is sure been there before
The thoughts in my head I just can't describe
They're too insane all outside

All my apologies have been used up
All my words are not enough
I'm asking you on my knees
Look inside me I'm black and blue again
Black and blue again
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Do you remember we were such good friends
Now we're back in the ring fighting again
The taste that's in my mouth you see
It's not very nice screaming at you
There's tears in your eyes

I'm not very nice
You see I'm not very nice
You said I'm not very nice
You know I'm not very nice

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