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Dark Fortress
Dark Fortress - Séance альбом
  • black metal
  • brilliant
  • brutal legend
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Dark Fortress - Текст песни Insomnia

I drown...
For too long I felt the winter's breath
The rain keeps falling down into my soul
Thorns cover my grave... they hurt within me
I wonder how death shall ever set me free
When I cannot close my eyes
I wonder how death shall ever set me free
When there's even in this darkness no place for us to be
Wish I could kill myself again
The spectral lights would fade away
And I... Dark Fortress - Insomnia - http://ru.motolyrics.com/dark-fortress/insomnia-lyrics.html
A thousand voices in my mind
A thousand empty faces starring at me
A thousand lies I can't forget
And one single life I do regret
The only thing left of me... an aura cold and blue
As the banshees embrace me with a sigh
I am gone...
The autumn's song is guiding me
With the sound of the weeping rain I fall asleep
And the thorns, that cover my grave? They hurt no more

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