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Darius - Dive In альбом
  • Christopher Kenneth Braide
  • Andrew Marcus Frampton
  • Darius Danesh
  • Pop
  • dive in
  • guilty pleasure and a half
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Darius - Текст песни Dive In

I can't work you out...

There's a chemistry between us Getting hard to disguise -

Still you're holding back,

Some kind of panic attack -

Treading water when you

Really should be turning the tide...

Don't spend a lifetime waiting,

Don't tell me no -

Just let go...

If you want it, then you got it -

Don't let this moment pass you by,

Take a long shot,

Give it all you got -

You'll never know unless you try,

You can only sink or swim,

Baby, just dive in...

So what's the worse thing

That could be happening?
Darius - Dive In - http://ru.motolyrics.com/darius/dive-in-lyrics.html
(You test the water and you

find that it's a little too hot)

But I'm imagining,

The taste of salt on your skin -

Make your move, you gotta choose - Are you ready or not?

Don't waste a lifetime waiting,

You know its now -

So turn around...


Just dive in, just dive in...

Let's dive in -

Into the blue; Into the deep;

Into the mood tonight

Dive In...


Come with me -

Let's dive in...

Darius Dive In

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