Cut Copy

Текст песни Bright Neon Payphone

Bright Neon Payphone видео клип

Cut Copy
  • Whitford
  • Dan
  • Electronic
  • Indie
  • australian
  • electro
  • indie pop
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Cut Copy - Текст песни Bright Neon Payphone

They all stay
But I don't know which way to go
And I've been hanging all the things that I used to know
And that's why it's coming through
I forget I was here with you
Now that's all I can do
Is dream of youCut Copy - Bright Neon Payphone -

I keep finding? in everybody's eyes,
I keep losing people and act surprised
And I don't wanna be like? on the telephone
I don't wanna wake up dreaming it's a year ago
I don't wanna go
Oh I just wanna be with you

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