Conway Twitty

Текст песни Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain видео клип

Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty - Hello Darlin' альбом
  • Fred Rose
  • classic country
  • conway twitty
  • country legends
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Conway Twitty - Текст песни Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Just two kids from the country, far from any town
And wherever I played Rose could always be found
Life was hard but we made it and as everyone knows
I was there when she needed me, a playmate of Rose

Now years have passed, things have changed
Since we moved into town
The little girl I grew up with is your woman now I found

And now the sidewalks of the city where
Wild temptation flows
Is her new playground and the playmates of Rose
Conway Twitty - Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain -
So if you're the one that's holdin' her tight
Somewhere out there tonight
Please don't treat her as if she's just another girl
From off the street

And please, don't do her wrong
For her pride is almost gone
For you see Rose means the world to me

I love the girl you found out in the world
The girl that every man knows
But I love her today so different from your way
For you see, I'm the brother of Rose

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