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Chipmunk - LEAGUE OF MY OWN альбом
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Chipmunk - Текст песни Light Up Central

Chipmunk: In a sound clash mana get light up,
so dont amp more hype up, See the circular team theres
nobody like us, were lord of the mics come here with
your hype no lie your face will get light up carr my
team stand tall when the mics up so boy better know
these boys better grow and narh nuttin anybody get
light up light up light up light up light up mr munk
will dun a mans hype blud if you clash me and pull
of and mirical no lie shalo and hits will rise up rise
up rise up rise up rise up carr my team stand tall
till the end none of them can do how we do with a pen
in a sound clash mana get light up dont amp more hype
up those will get light up if you aint got bars that
back talk dont try step up fam you best walk im a lord
of the mic chat shit i'll put a end to your hype and
then a end to your mc life i got that dun a mans dance
so dont try come around and try clash no lies 24's will light up your arse
Chipmunk - Light Up Central -
Black The Ripper: In my ends you get light up,
some man try hype up but they get ignored they just
spit cos there bored heres my advice file a 9 to 5
blud and dont release any mixtapes cos nobodys paying
a fiver hang the mic up seriously what you doing with
your life cuz, dont hit the road you'll get tied up
or front light your coat you get light up like a big
splif wraped by mayhali thats phift im in a league
of my own like chip so leave me alone you pricks im
fully grown like Frisc and when i switch its mental
welcome to light up central.

Chipmunk: Dont park your car round light up central
carr you will get light up mental you clash man before
and trust me you loose so its far from experimental (X2)

Frisco: So dont come around light up central carr many
mc's get light up mental,

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