Blind Witness

Текст песни The Easiest Way

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Blind Witness
Blind Witness - Silences Are Words альбом
  • deathcore
  • melodic metalcore
  • metalcore
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Blind Witness - Текст песни The Easiest Way

The only way to keep me from watching you die

Is to stab myself in the eyes before I do that to you.

Those eyes that were telling me truly your feelings for me were so strong.

But there's no more of this tenderness.

You entered the mold of the pathetic human kind,

Who just fills up his life with dreams of true love and sincere devotion.

Why didn't you ever realize you were sinking into this world of fake drama
Blind Witness - The Easiest Way -
And desperate need of affection?

Your sudden apathy gives me the strength to load up my rage.

I promise, it wont be long dear.

You wont even see it coming.

You'll never see the ground coming so fast.

As I grin, your last word goes up in smoke.

From this perfect shot.

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