Beneath The Surface

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Beneath The Surface - Oceans альбом
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Beneath The Surface - Текст песни The Lake

I thought about what you said the whole fucking day.
It's like washing blood down the sink,
It never really goes away.

Sometimes life spits in your face,
Without ever leaving a trace. Look alive,
I know you've tried hard to have a spine.

But you were born ugly.
Looks aside,

I think it's time you were shown
That sometimes it's actually your fault.

Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten and Beneath The Surface - The Lake -
I have a feeling that this will end badly.
Just like today, life was here to stay.

I'm not so sure. It seems like such a waste.
But not today.

I gave my life away.
And I can't keep these thoughts at bay.
We all will fall into the lake and we all will become architecture.

I've fallen into the lake.
Drowning with broken necks.

The head falls below the chest.

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