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Beloved - Failure On альбом
  • Hardcore
  • christian
  • coldplay
  • emocore
  • korean
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Beloved - Текст песни Insult To Injury

Take in from this
And breathe out open.
Hug that uncertainty
As long as you can.
A once seizing, but now
Flailing and falling
Grasp at comfort's hand.
A brash defense of confidence
Is seemingly overwhelming disappointment.
Carry it on disconnected
And drawn away from yourself.
You buy more time with your lies.
Running from mistakes that you've made.
And when your time has been spent,
You did not bother with your faith.Beloved - Insult To Injury -
It's like you were never alive.
Your hope has died,
But rest in this.
We will fight for you.
And show you we care for everything
That matters to you.
Promises held
Must have been lost or forgotten
Or buried under the broken glass
Beneath your window of opportunity.
We will be the first to die
And we will be the first to win.
Your walls will fall down.
We'll tear your walls down

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