Текст песни Rising Proudly Towards The Sky

Rising Proudly Towards The Sky видео клип

Behemoth - Grom альбом
  • Metal
  • black metal
  • death metal
  • polish
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Behemoth - Текст песни Rising Proudly Towards The Sky

Fallen into oblivion
The last views inside my mind...
Silver walls of the castle
Risen proudly towards the sky
The rebellion fell
Many brave ones went down
Hung on black trees they are
Blown by the four winds
I've been waiting for years
Growing stronger
Blazing weapons, eyes burn bright
In the dark...As a King I shall return...
Horns sing in the woods
Hordes gather
Ancient gods of war Ride the sky
Behemoth - Rising Proudly Towards The Sky -
Old kingdom will fall
Like a moondust
Reflecting down the valleys
So pure hungry for blood
The hearts of the dark ones
Thunders strike...
Dancing on the black mirrors
The bards of war and vengeance
Came from forgotten realms
As a king
I shall return
To proclaim my victory
return of ancient pride
Laws of steel...
Cold steel...

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