Before Today

Текст песни Shallow Pockets

Shallow Pockets видео клип

  • Michael Fuentes
  • Victor Fuentes
  • Hardcore
  • blah
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Before Today - Текст песни Shallow Pockets

We call for all of those in need of hope
We call for all those to say
This is the day
So tell me how can
You shake hands with a clenched fist
And tell me how can
You bullet the blue sky

So how long
How long does it take
For offers to be made, long
Before Today - Shallow Pockets -

Call for us all
Call us to die
We'll never answer
You can't keep us under
And so you'll try to awake
Up from the days that you
Can't forget
Because baby you know
Baby you're so unforgettable

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