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Avail - Dixie альбом
  • hardcore punk
  • punk rock
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Avail - Текст песни Tuning

walking by myself i took a look around i think i misunderstood the magic of this town it's time to recognize that i should let it go it doesn't look like it did it doesn't feel like it should i keep waiting for something don't know how long i'll last sometimes i think it could be my turn to detach can't find the strength to decide where i should go i don't think like i did i don't feel like i should

i saw familiar faces far from those i knew so well couldn't think of much to say didn't know how i felt Avail - Tuning - http://ru.motolyrics.com/avail/tuning-lyrics.html

so i put them behind me and i let them go they didn't look like they did they didn't feel like they should

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