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Apollo 440
Apollo 440 - Millennium Fever альбом
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  • Jim Gardner
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  • Trevor Gray
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  • apollo 440
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Apollo 440 - Текст песни Liquid Cool

Certainly someone who is frozen is not alive
But neither are they dead they are in a third state
A biostasis what I would use to describe
Liquid cool

Make me immortal, yeah, yeah
I am immortal, yeah
I am nothing, yeah, yeah
Becoming liquid cool

Waves of oblivion, yeah, yeah
Lap at my feet, yeah
Laugh in my face, yeah, yeah
Devil take me liquid cool

I is another, yeah
We blackout together, yeah
Our little death, yeah, yeah
Twilight elixir liquid cool
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Make me immortal, yeah, yeah
Once more around the sun
Uber religion, yeah, yeah
Ultra-evolution liquid cool

He who lives these words
Shall not taste death
Becoming nothing, yeah, yeah
Forever liquid cool

The number seventy-two
Living in another lifetime
The number seventy-two?
Future ones

To get into some place in the future
Where nobody's ever beautiful
But someday we'll look back and wonder
How we ever tolerated it, life and death

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