Another Mask

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Another Mask
Another Mask - Faces альбом
  • emocore
  • post hardcore
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Another Mask - Текст песни The Nightmare Box

We should see it coming

This city's on fire

And it's just the moment to speak

But he's chosen silence

And she's chosen lying

To him

Still so much left to say

But it crumbles down before we fade away

Give me a reason to open my eyes

Before we lose our disguise

Burn with all the vindications

There's no more right or wrong in here

Burn, we didn't have the patience

And under the same sky

We worship different gods

And when the day comes

We'll paint the streets in red

Please keep me away from those dreams
Another Mask - The Nightmare Box -
Where my eyes start to bleed and the Sun never rises again

And oh I believe there is no tomorrow

There is no tomorrow for us

You never can hold

The ruins you strike for

Pretend you never cared

So long, so wrong

Oh please keep me breathing

Relieving pain is more than I can ask

The fire burns down

And then comes the rain

How much do we deserve

How innocent we act

But everyone is ugly in a close-up view

How much do we deserve

How innocent we act

The fire gets it done

At least we die alone

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