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Akphaezya - Anthology II альбом
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Akphaezya - Текст песни The Bottle Of Lie

There were at least a thousand
I swear, please, believe me
Half they are beast, half man
This is the truth, please believe me
I saw your god baptizing them
In the blood of violence
Losing control of his plans
The god stole the infants
I even heard him cry
I heard him justify
Soon after they are raised
Humans will be erased

Thanks to all his priests and
Sages credulity
Tyros masters his de-
-mons rages and destiny

So falls the sentance of clergy
Deny or bottle of lie

Found guilty in the trial of denialAkphaezya - The Bottle Of Lie - http://ru.motolyrics.com/akphaezya/the-bottle-of-lie-lyrics.html

Summum jus, Summa Injuria! (x16)

Tyro masters you all
In a cage of credulity
But I must prove my real is my
Message: I am not Guilty

Your laws based on shadows
Won't fade on what opened my eyes

And that justifies that I can die
By poison: Bottle of lie

Oh no! Look at this jackal head ring
Sign of the bad augury king

H. Nafets emissary that we feared
Please forgive us, forgive us
For the truth we could not heat
Oh, too late, too late, he is dead.

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